Students (6-12th Grade)

Students (6-12th Grade)

We love middle school and high school students! We are passionate about reaching out to and walking alongside students through some of the most pivotal years in life. If you have questions, want to get involved in a small group, or get plugged in serving, email Here’s what there is for your middle and high school student…

Big Events: These are large group, over-the-top, wild and crazy, I never knew church could be like these times. Big Events are designed to be safe environments where middle- and high school students can invite their friends, have a great time, meet other students their age, and hang out with great leaders who invest in them.

We don’t just want to have fun, but we want to have fun on purpose. So Big Events are an opportunity to introduce students to who Jesus is and the wonderful reality that he offers life and life to the fullest! We do this in a non-threatening, relevant, and engaging talk during each event.

We encourage students to bring friends from their school, neighborhoods, and sports teams to Big Events. We do everything we can to make sure they have the time of their life. Summer camp and retreats are just extended Big Events for everyone.

SMALL GROUPS: A small group is a group of students that have been put together by grade and gender. They meet together in order to connect with other students and their leaders to grow in their relationship with God. Typically groups work through a series centered around a relevant and biblical topic as it relates to faith and everyday life.  Middle Schoolers meet in Small Groups on the first and third Sunday of each month during the message part of the service.  High Schoolers meet n the first and third Sunday of each month in the evening. Check the events calendar or email for specific location, times, and infomation.

STUDENT SERVICE: We believe that if students want to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ it is important for them to learn to be the church, not just attend church. Here students grow by strategically serving others.