Our Leaders

Our Leaders

We believe that The Crossing Church is Jesus' church, His bride and those in leadership are entrusted with a responsibility to care for and protect Jesus' church. There are three guiding scriptures that establish the structure for leadership at TCC.

We believe that some men are called to take on the role of elder/pastor/overseer. As we see in Acts 14:23, "And when they had appointed elders for them in every church, with prayer and fasting they committed them to the Lord in whom they had believed." These elders have a responsibility to ensure that the church is remaining faithful to God's word and they are called to live up to the requirements of 1 Timothy 3:1-7.

 Jonathan and Melissa Jonathan Kassebaum was born and raised in San Diego, California and attended Pepperdine University where he earned his degree in Mathematics. Jonathan and Melissa were married in 2001 and immediately began their life in the US Air Force. They have three daughters Kylie, Ava, and Juliet. Jonathan earned a Master of Arts in Theology from Liberty University in 2008. After 9 moves in the Air Force and innumerable churches later, Jonathan and Melissa have settled down in Jacksonville. Jonathan has been an elder at The Crossing since March of 2015 and loves sharing God's truth with others, especially over a cappuccino. He enjoys playing with his daughters, flying, perfecting his barista skills, and working in the yard. Jonathan serves as the Lead Pastor as well as the High School Youth Pastor.  Feel free to contact Jonathan at jonathan@tccjax.org.  
boulter_fam Spencer and Molly Boulter have four wonderful children, Alexis, Christopher, Nathan, and Seth. God called the Boulter family to Costa Rica, where He used them to help start 6:8 Ministries. After living in Costa Rica for over five years, they returned to the United States, where Spencer serves as President of 6:8 Ministries. Currently, they are living in Jacksonville, Florida where Spencer spends much of his time preaching in churches, networking, fundraising, and other administrative duties. He also continues to make monthly trips to Costa Rica to help oversee operations. The Boulter family have been an incredible blessing to the Crossing after joining our church over 2 years ago. Spencer serves by overseeing Global Missions. You can contact Spencer at spencer@68ministries.com
 IMG_5445.JPG Joe is a Jacksonville native. He attended the University of Florida and has a degree in Building Construction (Go Gators!) He owns Breakwater Construction, a local company that specializes in building swimming pools, room additions, and custom remodeling. He and his wife Stephanie met when Stephanie was transferred to Jacksonville with the US Navy in 1999. They were married in 2000 and have three children, Margaret, Abigail, and Phillip. He loves Jesus, and is excited to be a part of the impact that The Crossing Church is making in our community! He and his family enjoy camping all over Florida in their motor home, and just about anything outdoors! Joe oversees our Host Team. You can contact Joe at joe@tccjax.org  
 Colin_Elder  Collin is married to his high school sweetheart Kalie. They have twin girls. He was born in Louisiana and loves some good Cajun food and the greatest football team LSU. Collin enjoys playing golf, going to the beach and just hanging out with family and friends. Collin is currently going through the process to become a Crossing Elder in the future. Collin oversees our Crossing Kids Pre-K ministry. You can contact Collin at collin@tccjax.org
 14494811_10154216212593173_4896837869632892740_n  Before Facebook, there was MySpace. And it was on MySpace where Joseph and Taylor initially met. Originally from East Tennessee, Joseph and Taylor moved to Jacksonville so that Joseph could attend law school. Now, they are the grateful parents of twin girls, Caroline and Everly. Taylor works as a Dental Hygienist at the Beach, and Joseph practices law in Downtown. Besides spending time with family, they enjoy being with friends, going to the pool, and going on an occasional cruise! Joey serves as overseer of the CrossingKids K-5th Grade. You can contact Joey at joey@tccjax.org
BJ2 BJ Meadows married my High School sweet heart, Kelley. They have two beautiful kiddos, Alethia (5) and Josiah (2). He is a Middle School English teacher at Pacetti Bay Middle School. He has been volunteering with middle schoolers for the last 10 years. He loves middle school and high schoolers and finds a lot of joy mentoring them and partnering with parents to help us all grow in our relationships with God and each other through Jesus. He became a Christian when He was 16 and he is passionately pursuing becoming more like Christ every day. He enjoys everything outdoors: golfing, fishing, hunting, surfing, paddle boarding,hiking, and sitting on the beach reading a book. BJ serves Student Ministry as the Middle School Youth Pastor and has recently begun the eldership process. Feel free to contact BJ at bj@tccjax.org.   
PaulAndJen  Paul and Jen have been attending The Crossing for over four years and have been the Team Captains of the Host Team for one year. Paul has recently begun the process of becoming an elder. They have three wonderful kids named Riley, Callen and Ella, and a dog, Lucy. Jen is a full time mom and really enjoys going to the beach, traveling with family, watching almost any sporting event and eating Italian food. Paul grew up in Jacksonville and while working at the YMCA in Gainesville, met Jen. He works as a nurse practitioner and received his masters degree at the University of Florida. Paul enjoys spending time with family, going to the beach and pool, and watching sports. You can contact Paul at paul@tccjax.org

Staff: No church would be able to run without an incredible staff.  We are blessed at The Crossing Church to have two amazing people on staff that keep everything running.


Administrative Assistant / Care Team Captain

Jennifer Crandall was born in Colorado where she began walking with Jesus as a young child. She met and married her favorite person Tim as a teenager and gladly committed to follow him anywhere. Several decades and many moves later they now have three grown kids: Ben, Casey and Sam. Tim's work brought them all to Florida in '02 where they've grown to love the people, the lifestyle and especially the lack of snow in Jacksonville. Jennifer is an encourager who enjoys being part of the worship team and noticing the hearts of those around her at TCC. Her goal as Care Team Captain is to help others love and feel loved as we all walk out Romans 12 - specifically to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. If you are interested in learning more about the Care Team, feel free to contact her at jennifer@tccjax.org


Worship Leader

Born in Jacksonville, Barry grew up “the son of a preacher man” in a very musical family. In his early 20’s he moved to Nashville, TN where he wrote and recorded for Forefront and Word Records as Code of Ethics. While touring through Canada with the Newsboys he met his wife Cynthia, it was love at first sight! In 2001 they moved back to Jacksonville to lead worship for a local church. During Barry’s favorite pastime of riding motorcycles he had a near death accident and lost most of his hearing and some eyesight. Through God’s grace and mercy he continues doing what he loves, leading worship, writing music, going to the beach and seeing his favorite bands play live with Cynthia and flying endless hours on flight simulator! They’re overjoyed to be back at TCC and give God all the glory! You can contact Barry at barry@tccjax.org

 Team Captains: At The Crossing Church, we call them Team Captains.  They are the ones that make everything happen day in and day out. They serve in the role as Deacon/Deaconess as mentioned in scritpure and do all the heavy lifting.


CrossingKids K-5th: Shawn and Mindi Lenahan

Shawn and Mindy are married with three children: Summer, Connor and Chloe. While they have helped in many ministries from High School to Preschool – they have discovered their favorite thing is serving Elementary students together, particularly in the large group setting. Mindy plans and Shawn executes in a fun and often unexpected way. They are passionate about partnering with parents to lead kids in a growing relationship with Jesus. Some of their favorite things are game nights, eating out and Disney. Shawn has been known to create a video game or two and still enjoys playing them in his free time. Mindy loves a good book, glitter and puppies. 


The Care Team: Jennifer Crandall

 The Care Team ensures all people at TCC feel loved no matter what their current life circumstances may be.  They seek to help others love and feel loved as we all walk out Romans 12 -- specifically to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep.


Community Events / Communication Director: Taylor Presutti

Our Creating Community / Events team has 2 areas of emphasis: First, to help others at TCC connect with other one through fun events and connection events. And secondly, to organize all of our events that we host for the community.  


 CrossingKids Babies-Pre-K: Kalie Brewster

 Kalie is married to Collin. They have twin girls, Kennedy and Kinsley. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Education from University of North Florida and is enjoying teaching First Graders! Kalie loves Jesus and lots of coffee!! If you have preschool aged children I would love to meet you!


CrossingKids Babies-Pre-K: Lisa Montoya

 Lisa is co-captains with Kalie. She has a degree in Exceptional Student Education and has always been passionate about serving children. She is married to Matt and they have boy/girl twins, Levi and Remi. Now as a stay-at-home mom, Lisa is thrilled to pour her love for teaching into Crossing Kids. She loves traveling with her family, good food, and Disney!


Production: Brian Smith

Hi, I'm Brian. My wife Kim and I were part of the Small Groups that helped plant The Crossing back in 2011. In the beginning I served on the host team and setup and teardown or anywhere else I was needed. I was even convinced to help do large group skits with the K-5 year olds even though I found that to be pretty nerve racking. I've always been into music though and really wanted to get involved with the worship production team. I now serve as the team captain and love being a part of the worship experience on Sunday! Kim and I met while we were both attending the University of Florida. After we got married we lived in VA for a few years but moved back to FL to start our family. We have two amazing boys, Michael and Ben. I work for a mortgage servicing technology company as a Software Director. When I'm not working I enjoy hanging out with my family, playing my guitar and golfing.


Global Missions: Trey and Tara Sikes

Tara and Trey are married and have 1 son, Evan. You can’t miss Evan’s red hair running through the church, looking for people to hug. Trey is an Information Security Officer at VyStar Credit Union, where he’s worked for over 20 years. He went on his first mission trip to Costa Rica with 6:8 ministries in March 2015 and came home changed. Tara leads Human Resources at Maple Street Biscuit Company (no, she doesn’t get free biscuits…yes you should go eat there).  Trey loved his mission trip so much that when their Small Group decided to go together in November 2016, Trey jumped at the chance to go back and Tara couldn’t wait to go for the first time. Trey loves golf and football and Tara loves to read. Together, they enjoy doing Spartan races and spending time with Evan.


Local Missions: Justus and Christine Hall

 Justus and Christine Hall just took over as the Local Missions team.  This team helps to love the people that God has placed around us. We help buy running wheel chairs for families with severely disabled children, laptops for families with autistic children and various other projects throughout the year. 


Prayer Team: Brie Blaylock

We believe in the power of prayer! Thus, we meet during each month to pray for the people of TCC and our community. The team meets at our HQ. Email us at info@tccjax.org to join or submit a prayer request.


Set-Up and Tear-Down: Robert Strickler

Our Setup & Teardown team may be behind the scenes, but they are crucial in helping us to provide fun, effective and safe environments for adults and kids to meet on Sundays. They arrive early and leave late every Sunday as they generously serve those at TCC.



Community Groups: Gene Klingbeil