Worship & CrossingKids gather Sundays @ 10:30am


CrossingKids (K-5th Grade)

We love K-5th Graders! We want elementary age kids to love Sundays at The Crossing! Imagine your kids begging you to go to church! How great would that be? We get that. We’re there with you. We have kids and understand you want a safe, loving, dynamic environment for your kids to grow spiritually. You’ll find it here! Our nursery, preschool, and elementary environments are designed for kids to have a blast and learn a ton about a growing relationship with Jesus.

Step by Step Guide for Your First Sunday? 

Step One: 

You'll walk in our front door and register your kids at our Kid's Check-In desk (you can't miss it).

Step Two: 

You'll walk your kids over to our Crossing Kids section in the auditorium where you will find some of our Crossing Kids leaders excited to welcome them. 

Step Three: 

After the first couple of songs your kids will be dismissed to Crossing Kids. Our leaders are in charge of getting everyone where they need to be so you don't have to worry about anything for the rest of the service. After we're done in the auditorium you'll pick your kids up at our gymnasium which is located through the back doors of the auditorium. Be sure to bring your check-in tag to check them out. Be sure to look at their take home card which will let you know everything they learned and help you discuss those truths throughout your week!  

What Can Your Kids Expect While Attending Crossing Kids? 

After being dismissed from worship each Sunday will begin in our Large Group enviroment where they are taught about God's great love for them through multi-media and fun characters.   

On the 1st and 3rd Sundays theyll head to their age specific Small Groups right after Large Group to continue to learn about God's great love for them.  

Our 4th Sundays are Missions and Movies focused. After a lesson in Missions they'll do a project ot help love others around them. Then they'll enjoy a fun treat while watching a movie together. We want to teach our Crossing Kids at a young age how fun it is to love others the way Jesus loves us.  

Our 5th Sundays we dont have Crossing Kids so your kiddos can join you and worship beside you. 


Our vision for everyone who graduates 5th grade to...
...“Make much of Jesus”
...“Love Others the way Jesus loves them" 
...“Live generously with all the gifts and resources God has given them”.

We don’t just want church to be a place, but a partnership. We know that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. The average church spends about 40 hours per year with a child. But you get that with your kids in one weekend! So we want to leverage everything we are as the church to partner with and support you to lead your child into a growing relationship with God and others through Jesus.

We screen and train all of our leaders that work with children to provide the highest care.