Worship & CrossingKids gather Sundays @ 10:30am



The Crossing Church is a brand new and modern church, but we are rooted in a long line of evangelical churches that have looked to the Bible as their authority for almost 2000 years. As a result, we affirm the central tenets of historic Christianity that came out of the protestant reformation. We find common belief in Jesus with many followers of Jesus as expressed in one of the earliest and most universally accepted statements of faith, The Apostles’ Creed, circa AD 220. We also have found The Lausanne Covenant to be a helpful expression of faith.

Here are some details about different aspects of what we believe:

  • Good News For All: Jesus is good news for all people, making us evangelical. We believe that his life, death, and resurrection are a gift to us, and that we are to strategically, consistently, and naturally share that. We care deeply about those who are living life far from God. We want to reach out to our communities and be agents of Jesus’ love.
  • Known For What We Are For: We want to be known for what we are for, not for what we are against. We are for Jesus. We are for our community, city, and the world. We are for those who are close to God and for those who are running from God. We do not exist to be a holy huddle or club for ourselves, but agents of God’s amazing grace in Jesus for all people.
  • Created For God's Glory: The roots of our church can be traced back to the protestant reformation. This means that we believe that everything is made by God and for his glory. Our lives are for the glory of God and our enjoyment in Jesus. God is sovereign. We believe he is in control and will bring about his desires, plans, and ultimate good. We want to live into that and find our identity and satisfaction in it.
  • The Bible: We believe that the Bible is true, that it accomplishes what it is intended to do- lead us into a relationship with Jesus. The best way to understand the whole of the Bible is to let scripture interpret scripture. We believe that the Holy Spirit brings the Bible to bear and work in our lives.
  • Our Sin Problem: Sin is a condition we inherited, choices we make, and actions we commit. We feel the affects of it in all aspects of life. Sin is a crime against God, a debt owed to God, treason against God, and disobedience toward God. Sin leads to death and spiritual separation from God. We are powerless to change our sin condition if left to ourselves.
  • Grace Alone: God’s grace goes ahead of us. It is the Holy Spirit that is at work in our lives to bring about the desire to even want to think about, consider, or be open to Jesus. God’s grace is remarkable, extravagant, and audaciously free in Jesus.
  • Faith Alone: Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. We are not saved by works or religion, but by the free grace of God in Jesus. The Holy Spirit awakens us to faith. Faith is trusting in Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection alone.
  • Blessed To Be A Blessing: We are blessed to be a blessing because God has chosen to redeem and call a people to himself and to faith in Jesus. This is not a place of power or position, but a humble calling on those who follow Jesus to make a difference in our community. God’s grace and calling compels us to live out our faith with the hope that others will come to know Jesus.
  • Secure Salvation:There is security in salvation because faith is a gift of God’s grace in Jesus. We believe that once you are truly saved and honestly believe in Jesus, you are always saved. Your sins are forgiven forever. Your relationship with God restored.
  • The Church: The Church is God’s Church. That means Jesus is head of the Church. Under Jesus, we are led by a board of local elders. The church is like a hospital: it is made up of broken, sinful, hurting people, like you and me, whom God is healing, forgiving, and restoring in Jesus. The church is like an outpost: it is a place to be replenished and refueled to continue on the mission God has given us. The church is people: it is not a place or a building, but a movement of growing relationships with God and each other through Jesus Christ.