When and How did The Crossing Get Started?
Through the hard work and love of many people God led the way to plant a new church in the south Jacksonville/north St Johns area. It started out as a small group of friends meeting in the living room of the Flynts (Adam Flynt was our founding Pastor). It was a group of folks with all kinds of backgrounds from burned out on religion to never stepping foot in church before. The group began to grow as people invited their friends. After a few months, the group had split into multiple groups.

Our small groups began to gather to see who God was shaping them to be. The growing group met on Sunday evenings to pray and study the Book of Acts to discover God’s mission, vision, and values together. They began to host community events gathering hundreds of people. In all of it, God was transforming lives.

The Crossing held its first, full-time, weekly services in mid-January 2012. The excitement was unbelievable. The response to the launch from friends, family, and the community was terrific. When the dust settled in the spring, there was a core team of about 65-70 adults, plus children attending.

By the summer of 2013, the church had doubled in size. More small groups were added. Dozens had been baptized as new believers. But that is just the beginning! The best is yet to come…

What’s with the name?
Names are a pretty big deal. If you have kids, you probably spent a bunch of time considering names. So the name of this new movement God is launching is important to us. We want to lead people to Jesus who can help us cross from death to life, works to grace, religion to relationship, complicated lives to simplicity and peace, and just existing to really living on mission and purpose.

We are in an area that is busting at the seams with new people and tons of new communities and neighborhoods. We want to be the relational bridge that crosses between these communities and connects people to God and each other. How are we going to accomplish these goals? We simply want to love ALL people the way that Jesus loved us!